Mirror mirror on the wall, what are the best male sex toys of them all?

We get it. No guy likes to admit that he uses a sex toy. Strict gender norms have relegated vibrators and any other sex aids to the gentler sex.

But if you’re not using male sex toys for solo (or couple) play, you’re missing out. Sex toys for men add spice to a sex life gone stale. They’re a surefire way to make masturbation alone–or with a partner–more pleasant.

All that said, it’s a brave new world if you’ve never given a second glance at a cock ring or a vibrator. So without further ado, let’s do a deep dive into all types of male sex toys.


Male Masturbators

$50- $100

Realistic Sex Simulation

Mid-Level Price Point

Requires Stroking

Can Be Found At Select Locations

Water Based Lube Prefered

Most Popular

BlowJob Machines

$120- $300

Most Pleasurable

Higher End Of Price Points

Hands-Free Experience

Specialty Item Needs To Be Ordered

Water Based Lube Prefered

Cock Rings

$20- $40

Increases Intensity

Entry Level Price Point

Mostly Hands-Free

Easily Available

Used With Most Lubes

Popular Types of Men’s Sex Toys

There are likely only two things on your mind when it comes to sex toys for men: dildos and fleshlights. But for the uninitiated, there is a wide variety of sex aids for everything from the penis to anal stimulation. Your body feels pleasure in many locations, and these toys help you achieve maximum pleasure potential.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to masturbation toys. All serve a unique purpose, and it’s in your best interest to experiment with each and every one. Let’s take a look at the main types of sex toys.

Oral Sex Simulators

What is an oral sex simulator?

As the name implies, an oral sex toy makes you feel like you’re receiving a blowjob. It has a soft interior to simulate the soft flesh of the mouth. In some cases, it may mimic the opening and closing of a mouth and throat for realism’s sake.

How to use an oral sex toy

Sex toys without lube are like an engine with no oil. These are the most sensitive parts of your body, and as such, reducing friction is essential. Fail to use lube, and your penis will feel like you’ve sanded it down.

Make sure to use a healthy dose of lubrication. Smear it around the toy’s orifice opening, and then insert a lubed finger inside to make sure it’s ready. Lubricate yourself before insertion.

If you feel any discomfort, take a step back and reassess. You may need more lube, or to avoid going in so fast/deep.

Pros of using Oral sex simulators

Oral sex stimulators add a bit of realism to your solo sex experience. They’re not the best toy to use with a partner since, well… you’d already have a mouth that’s ready and willing.

Male Masturbators & Masturbation Sleeves

What is a male masturbator?

A fleshlight is the perfect example of a male masturbator. Masturbation sleeves achieve something similar. Both simulate vaginal, anal, or oral penetration.

How to use a male masturbator

Same as before, lube your entry and yourself. It’s a no-brainer how to use it, but the position is up to you. You can sit down, stand up, or do anything else to imagine yourself in a certain sex position.

Pros of using male masturbators and masturbation aids

A masturbator has the benefit of stimulating every inch of your penis. However, your average fleshlight is a bit more difficult to clean. Since cleaning is essential, you will, unfortunately, have to deal with that spunk as you sanitize the device later on.

Sleeves have the benefit of being easier to clean. You can ejaculate through the hole, rather than having to turn a fleshlight sleeve inside out for cleaning. However, sleeves won’t stimulate your glans (the head of the penis) as much as a masturbator.

Vibrating Masturbator

What is a Vibrating Masturbator?

Same as above, except with a built-in vibrator inside. This vibrator may have a single setting or multiple. You’ll obviously need batteries, and you’ll want to keep the battery compartment sealed and rust-free.

How to use a Vibrating Masturbator

Same as the above, but make sure you switch on the vibrator before you start! Slippery fingers covered in lube may make that a difficult prospect during the deed.

Pros of using a Vibrating Masturbator

Vibration adds a new level of stimulation. You will likely orgasm much faster, and that orgasm will be more intense. Go for a vibrator if you’re having trouble keeping it up, too.

Same as above, vibration is great for improving a handjob.

Non-Vibrating and Vibrating Cock Rings/ Penis rings

What is a Cock Ring/ Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are male sex toys that help you to maintain a stronger erection. They restrict blood flow to the penis, leading to increased pressure and therefore a harder erection. But don’t worry, a cock ring applies only a minimal amount of tension and shouldn’t cause pain.

How to use a Cock Ring/ Vibrating Cock Ring

If you’re not yet hard, it’s easy to put a cock ring on. Just slip it on and Bob’s your uncle. If the cock ring includes an additional loop, you’ll need to put your testicles through the other two holes.

Be gentle throughout this process. Get a partner to help you if you’re struggling to put it on yourself. Hit that vibrator switch when you’re ready to start Business Wednesdays.

Pros of using a Cock Ring/ Vibrating Cock Ring

A cock ring keeps you harder for longer. If you’re looking to get the strongest erection possible (to avoid going soft during anal sex, for example) this is the ticket.

However, don’t mistake this as some magical viagra alternative; if you’re not already hard, a cock ring won’t help you.

Cock rings are preferable for getting it on with your partner. However, there’s nothing to stop you from using it alone with other toys.

Prostate Massagers

What is a Prostate Massager

The prostate holds the lucky, lucky title of being the male g-spot (AKA, the GOOD spot). The prostate is a gland behind your penis responsible for producing semen. But when you stimulate it, it can lead to orgasms unlike you’ve ever had before.

The trouble is, the prostate is, well, somewhat difficult to access. There are two ways to get to it: through anal stimulation, or by external stimulation.

How to use a Prostate Massager

Most prostate massagers come as a combo with a dildo for your anus. However, you can find dildo-less prostate massagers if you’re not up to going through the back door.

If you use the dildo variant, add a healthy serving of lube before insertion. Position the small prostate massager (which may include a vibrator) between your testicles and anus.

Either with your hands or the vibrator, run the massager in small circles. Be gentle. The anal variant is ideal since it will stimulate the prostate from the other side at the same time.

Pros of using a Prostate Massager

Being the male g-spot, any male sex toys that stimulate it will give you unparalleled orgasms. But as far as sex toys for men go, this is an “advanced” toy. You should start with other sex aids and work your way up to this.

This toy is excellent for a partner since they can control the stimulation. The massager makes it easy for them to pinpoint the g-spot.

Butt Plugs Or Anal Beads

What is anal play

Admit it: you’re scared to try the butt stuff. Society has conditioned men for ages to perceive any back alley mischievousness as gay. And if there’s anything men are terrified of, it’s appearing not straight.

However, it’s 2022, and many straight men enjoy anal play with their female partners. Anal play is using sex toys for men to stimulate your anus or anal cavity.

How to use butt plugs

Butt plugs are an entry-level way to anal stimulation. You simply insert a butt plug–with lube–and leave it there during your regularly scheduled entertainment.

Pros of anal exploration and anal play

Anal stimulation can be highly pleasurable for many people, men included. It adds a new dimension beyond just jacking off, and can lead to stronger orgasms. However, it requires a lot more cleanup and preparation, and may not be for you.

Penis Pump

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is like a cock ring, albeit more involved. You insert your penis into a transparent chamber, then pump it to constrict around your penis. Like a cock ring, it leads to a stronger erection–and pleasure for some.

How penis pumps are used

You don’t need lube for a penis pump. Make sure it won’t crush your balls as you use it. Go slowly, pumping until you feel tight–but not in pain.

Pros of using a penis pump

A penis pump can give you rock-hard erections. It can be pleasurable, and may even make you cum. However, this is another advanced tool that may not be for all.

Pros and Cons Of Male Sex Toys

Pros of using Sex Toys

A penis pump can give you rock-hard erections. It can be pleasurable, and may even make you cum. However, this is another advanced tool that may not be for all.

Cons of using Sex Toys

Male sex toys require a lot of preparation and cleaning. You will need to maintain them, sterilize them, and purchase lube that does not degrade them. If you like a no-frills, vanilla sex experience, male sex toys won’t be for you.

Why More Men Should Use Sex Toys

The Dark Ages of male sexuality are over. The use of male sex toys is on the rise, and it’s high time you joined in on the fun.

Let’s be clear: sex toys for men will make for a highly pleasurable experience; one that you wouldn’t get without masturbation toys. The old lotion and tissue get the job done, but that old faithful can’t compare to the best male sex toys.

Information About Male Sex Toys

Sex Toy Cleaner

Your dangly bits are, unfortunately, quite susceptible to bacteria. That’s why you need to make sure your male sex toys stay clean and dry.

Cleaning varies across the types of male sex toys. Some require boiling, some require standard alcohol disinfectant. Do your research and make sure to clean after every use, period.

Working A Sex Toy Into Your Sex Life

Have no fear if you’re new to this! The best place to start is with a male masturbator. If you’re interested in anal play, try out a butt plug for starters.

Go for vibrators as a beginner. This is an easy way to get some great stimulation with minimal effort. Automatic toys will likewise make things more pleasurable.

Want a sex toy but worried about discretion?

The stigma around sex toys is incredibly silly. However, you likely don’t want the delivery man and your wife giving you a mocking grin when they see your cock ring’s gaudy packaging.

Many businesses deliver sex toys in discrete packaging. When they charge your card, they list themselves as an unrelated company. Make sure you get your male sex toys from companies that protect your privacy!

Male Sex Toys FAQs

What is the best way to store a Male sex toy?

Store it in a clean, dry place. Ideally, put it somewhere that a stranger won’t stumble upon–such as below the sink when searching for toilet paper.

Which types of lubes should I be using in male sex toys?

Store it in a clean, dry place. Ideally, put it somewhere that a stranger won’t stumble upon–such as below the sink when searching for toilet paper.

What should I do if my male sex toy ever malfunctions or breaks?

Do not use a broken sex toy! Contact the manufacturer for a replacement or refund if there’s a warranty. It’s risky to use a broken toy around your nether regions.

How do I clean a male sex toy?

The procedure varies from toy to toy. Some require you to boil them to kill all bacteria. Others only require thorough cleansing with alcohol.

Take cleaning very seriously! Genital infections are no fun, and all it takes is a dirty dildo to give you a bad, bad day.