Vaginal Squirting: Experiences, Discoveries, and Strategies in a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 18-93

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Here we will be covering a piece on Vaginal Squirting. We will explore adult women’s experiences with vaginal squirting using nationally representative data. This comprehensive investigation touched upon various aspects, including the prevalence of squirting, the pleasure associated with it, the discovery of squirting capabilities, techniques used, and the challenges or concerns surrounding the practice.
We Present “Vaginal Squirting: Experiences, Discoveries, and Strategies in a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 18-93”.1

First Things First

Here at BoomBox, we like to not only empower our community with the latest research and information but also develop their critical eye in the world of over-information. Keeping with that theme, let’s first talk about how our information was collected:

How: The nationally representative data was collected through an online survey.
Sample Size: The data were gathered from a large sample of adult women across the United States, with the sample size being 870 participants.
Why this method? This approach allowed the researchers to examine the experiences of vaginal squirting among a diverse group of women in terms of age, sexual orientation, and other demographic factors, providing a broad perspective on this aspect of female sexuality.

Now that we’ve checked our creditability boxes, let’s put these findings in perspective!

Techniques and Sex Toy Usage

Technique Diversity: The study indicates that women use a variety of techniques to promote the buildup and release of squirting. This suggests that sex toys, known for their ability to provide targeted, consistent, and diverse forms of stimulation, could play a significant role in exploring and enhancing squirting experiences.

Specific Stimulation: Given that specific techniques, such as pressure on the vaginal wall or clitoral stimulation, were mentioned, sex toys designed for G-spot stimulation or dual stimulation (clitoral and vaginal) could be particularly effective in assisting women to explore squirting.

Let’s look at some examples

Here we have the Sucking Clitoral Stimulator from our page on Clitoral Stimulators. Something as simple as this toy will provide that extra targeted clitoral stimulation that can go where we just can’t go on our own. It can also provide dual stimulation when incorporated in partner play.

On this end, we have the Enigma Wave, also our page on Clitoral Stimulators. This device is a bit more intricate but provides a great example of diverse forms of stimulation. This toy is made to stimulate both clit and G-spot. Its known to push the stubern squirter right over the edge.

Discovery and Exploration

Unintentional Discovery: The accidental discovery of squirting by many participants highlights a general lack of awareness or intention in exploring this aspect of sexuality. Female sex toys can serve as tools for intentional exploration, providing women with the means to experiment with different types of stimulation in a controlled, safe environment, potentially leading to new sexual discoveries.

Pleasure and Orgasm

Orgasm Variability: With only 20% of women always experiencing squirting and orgasm simultaneously, sex toys can offer alternative pathways to pleasure, whether or not they lead to orgasm.

Enhanced Pleasure: The fact that a significant portion of women reported squirting to be pleasurable suggests that sex toys, by facilitating squirting, might enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Let’s look at an example

This is the Magic Wand from our page on Wand Vibrators. This toy is very popular right now for the enhanced pleasure it provides. The large head of the device bring pleasure to multiple areas instead of just targeting one. The intensities and patterns also reach deep into the clit beyond just the exposed tip.

Challenges and Concerns

Addressing Concerns: For women concerned about the mess or loss of control associated with squirting, sex toys that are easy to clean and use might mitigate some of these concerns, making the exploration of squirting more appealing and manageable.

Emotional and Physical Comfort: The emotional intensity and physical discomfort some women associate with squirting may be alleviated through the use of sex toys designed for comfort and gradual exploration, allowing women to navigate their experiences at their own pace.

Our philosophy on this section is simple. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be. Let us introduce you to the Vibepad 3 (left) and the Keon Sex Machine (right), found on our grinding mats and general female page respectively. We choose these because they are the two toys that we belive will make you squirt the quickest. After a few rounds with either, you will be well versed in the act of squirting.

In our experience, the women who identify the most with the above issues are newbys. Lets face it, most partners are happy just to be involved and the right partner will actual get fulfillment out of your satisfaction, regardless of how that’s shown.

Let’s Put Some Numbers Into Perspective

MetricData (%)Details/Notes
Prevalence of Squirting40%Of the surveyed adult women, this percentage reported having experienced squirting in their lifetime.
Discovery Method65% (Accidental)A majority discovered their ability to squirt unintentionally, highlighting a natural exploration of sexual pleasure.
Techniques Used75% (Specific Techniques)Participants who squirted often used specific techniques, indicating an active approach to achieving squirting.
Pleasure from Squirting60% (Pleasurable)A significant portion found squirting pleasurable, underlining its positive role in sexual satisfaction.
Orgasm Concurrency20% (Always)Only a fifth always experienced orgasm concurrently with squirting, suggesting distinct pleasure pathways.
Main Concern41.8% (Fear of Urination)The fear of urinating instead of squirting was the most common concern, indicating a need for better sexual education.
Median Age of First Experience24 yearsIndicates that squirting is often discovered well into sexual maturity.

The Good

  • Prevalence of Squirting (40%): A significant portion of women have experienced squirting, highlighting it as a common aspect of female sexuality.
  • Pleasure from Squirting (60%): Most women who have squirted find the experience pleasurable, suggesting it contributes positively to sexual satisfaction.
  • Discovery Method: The fact that 65% discovered squirting accidentally points to a natural exploration and diversity in sexual experiences that can lead to unexpected pleasure.
  • Techniques Used (75%): The active use of specific techniques by women to achieve squirting demonstrates agency and creativity in pursuing sexual pleasure.

The Bad

  • Orgasm Concurrency (20% Always): Only a fifth of the women experience squirting with orgasm, indicating that for many, these experiences do not always coincide, potentially affecting the perceived intensity of pleasure.
  • Main Concern (41.8% Fear of Urination): The most common concern among women is the fear of urinating instead of squirting. This worry may dampen the pleasure associated with the experience and could lead to anxiety or embarrassment during sexual activity.

And The Ugly

  • Misunderstandings and Stigma: The common concern that squirting might be urination (41.8%) underscores widespread misconceptions about squirting, fostering stigma and potential embarrassment that may hinder women’s exploration of their sexuality.
  • Challenges and Concerns: Worries about messiness, loss of control, or partner reactions add layers of complexity to squirting experiences, underscoring the importance of enhancing understanding, communication, and education around this aspect of female sexuality.


The study sheds light on the varied experiences of vaginal squirting among U.S. women, revealing its commonality, methods of discovery, pleasures, and challenges. It enriches the understanding of a lesser-known aspect of female sexuality and advocates for increased openness and education. Additionally, it hints at the potential of sex toys as aids in exploring squirting, emphasizing the importance of open communication and experimentation with sexual practices. This research underscores the need for a more informed and inclusive dialogue around sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

  1. Devon J. Hensel, Christiana D. von Hippel, Charles C. Lapage & Robert H. Perkins (22 Aug 2023): Vaginal Squirting: Experiences, Discoveries, and Strategies in a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 18-93, The Journal of Sex Research, DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2023.2243939
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