Why Did We Launch This Site?

The Benefits Of Sexual Awareness And Self Exploration

I was in college when I bought my first male sex toy. At the time my knowledge of solo sex aids was very underdeveloped. Seeing as I didn’t know much about the technology or types I went with a simple and affordable fleshlight. I still remember to this day two things, the first was me checking the mail every day to ensure my roommate would not accidentally pick it up and think it was a package for him. The second memory was me actually using it and thinking about how this device would change my sex game. I was still young at the time but the novelty and excitement was something you could not put a price tag on. At the time sex toys for men had a certain connotation or vibe about them that meant you weren’t going to go around and tell everyone your experience. Later on, when I entered a serious relationship my girlfriend at the time found it and was curious while also sleeved out about it. This made me almost shameful or at least a little embarrassed about buying it but I wasn’t really sure why. That was my first eye-opener into sexual awareness but it wouldn’t be my last. After college, I bought my first blowjob sex toy and it changed my views on self-pleasure.

“SEX TOYS help energize body and mind.” – Herbalist Tracie

Fast forward 5 years later, I’m in a different long-term relationship and we also uncover the topic of owning a sex toy. This time was no different than the last with similar feelings being uncovered. At this point, I really started to wonder where and why a stigma existed behind female and male sex toys. Masturbation workshops for women have been around since the late 1960s that included teachings and recommendations for sex aids. My initial thought was here we are in the 2000s feeling shameful for things that have been around for over 40 years. When I discussed this with my friend we knew things had to change for both men and women. So we formed this website to create an open dialogue with people our age and provide the proper resources for education. A good portion of the websites we found were kind of sketchy with weird or aggressive ads and this was something we wanted to change. Our aim is to change the industry into a classy and reliable base for all genders and couples.