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Get rewarded for snapping pics of your favorite toys featured in our articles! At BoomBox, we’re spicing up our site with real vibes from our fabulous users. It’s a fun, easy way to earn a little extra cash and help others shop smarter. Read on!

Get Paid for Sharing Your Toy Story!

Are you a proud owner of a pleasure toy featured in our extensive collection of business articles? If yes, we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you! At BoomBox, we’re all about enhancing the shopping experience for our beloved community. And what better way to do that than by showcasing real, user-submitted images and opinions of the very toys we love and talk about?

We understand the importance of making informed decisions, especially when it comes to personal pleasure products. That’s why we want to enrich our website with authentic photos, opinions, and advice from users like you. This initiative aims to give our visitors a closer look at the products, beyond the standard promotional images, providing a more comprehensive preview before making a purchase.

Here’s the Deal:

We’re inviting you to send us pictures of your sex toys (that we also love and promote) to feature on our website. It’s a simple way to contribute to a more informed and confident shopping experience for everyone. And yes, we believe in the power of giving back. While we’re not talking about a fortune, who doesn’t love making money?

Participation Guidelines:

  • The toy must be one that we’ve covered on our site to be eligible. Below you will find our offerings by page/ category.
  • All images should be clear, well-lit, and focused on the toy. Please ensure the background is neutral and free of any personal items or identifiable information.
  • Prioritize your privacy: we only need pictures of the toy, not personal or identifiable human features.

Why Participate?

Apart from receiving a financial token, your contribution will directly impact our community, helping potential buyers make choices they’re happy with. Plus, it’s a fun way to engage with our platform and see your favorite toy featured on our website!

How to Get Started:

Ready to share your toy story? Simply fill out the required fields on the below form. All we ask is

  • Name (This does not have to be your name but must be a way to distinguish you from others)
  • Email Address (Please provide one that you have access to as this is how we will request further info/ photos and offer pay)
  • Sample Photo (This is to ensure you can take quality photos and upload them appropriately)
  • Select which product(s) you have (We recommend using control + “F” to find your product by name)

We’ll review all submissions and if your photos are selected, we’ll reach out with what exactly we are looking for and compensation details.

    Keon & Feel Stroker (Page: Male Sex Toy)Tor 2 Vibrating Ring (Page: Male Sex Toy)Kiiroo Onyx Plus (Page: Male Sex Toy)Rock Solid (Page: Male Sex Toy)Big Boy Extender (Page: Male Sex Toy)Keon & Feel Stroker (Page: Blowjob Machines)PowerBlow (Page: Blowjob Machines)Autoblow AI Ultra (Page: Blowjob Machines)F1S V2 (Page: Blowjob Machines)Maia Piper (Page: Blowjob Machines)VacuGlide (Page: Blowjob Machines)Yoni Stroker (Page: Male Masturbators)M-Elite Platinum Gript (Page: Male Masturbators)Vibrastroker (Page: Male Masturbators)Mood™ Exciter Stroker (Page: Male Masturbators)Feel Stroker Butt (Page: Male Masturbators)Dainty Wilder (Page: Male Masturbators)Ashley Barbie (Page: Male Masturbators)Apolonia Lapiedra (Page: Male Masturbators)Molly Stewart (Page: Male Masturbators)Rachel Starr (Page: Male Masturbators)Victoria June (Page: Male Masturbators)Leigh Raven (Page: Male Masturbators)Lauren Phillips (Page: Male Masturbators)Kayley Gunner (Page: Male Masturbators)Tanya Tate (Page: Male Masturbators)Tor 2 Vibrating Ring (Page: Cock Rings)Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator (Page: Cock Rings)NOS Vibrating Penis Ring (Page: Cock Rings)We-Vibe Bond (Page: Cock Rings)Silicone Remote Orgasm Ring (Page: Cock Rings)Rock Solid (Page: Penis Pump)Premium Penis Pump Kit (Page: Penis Pump)SmartPump (Page: Penis Pump)Bathmate Hydro 7 (Page: Penis Pump)Max Results (Page: Penis Pump)Big Boy Extender (Page: Penis Sleeve)OptiMALE™ - Extender (Page: Penis Sleeve)Fat Boy Checker Box Sheath (Page: Penis Sleeve)OptiMALE™ Textured Extension (Page: Penis Sleeve)Pleasure Enhancer (Page: Penis Sleeve)Double Vibrating Egg (Page: Masturbator Cups)TORNADO (Page: Masturbator Cups)Penis Enhancing Cup (Page: Masturbator Cups)Anson Hard Cup (Page: Masturbator Cups)Highly Elastic (Page: Masturbator Cups)Magic Wand (Page: Female Sex Toys)Keon Sex Machine (Page: Female Sex Toys)Pearl3 (Page: Female Sex Toys)Sona 2 Cruise (Page: Female Sex Toys)Lumen (Page: Female Sex Toys)Sucking Clitoral Stimulator (Page: Clit Sucking Toys)Enigma Wave (Page: Clit Sucking Toys)INYA The Rose (Page: Clit Sucking Toys)Sucky Ducky (Page: Clit Sucking Toys)Sona 2 Cruise (Page: Clit Sucking Toys)iVibe (Page: Wand Vibrators)Magic Wand Micro (Page: Wand Vibrators)Magic Wand Rechargeable (Page: Wand Vibrators)Smart Wand 2 (Page: Wand Vibrators)Small Wonder Mini Wand (Page: Wand Vibrators)A-Play-Vibe (Page: Anal Toys)Lumen (Page: Anal Toys)KINK - Anal Essentials (Page: Anal Toys)Soraya Beads (Page: Anal Toys)Pure Plug (Page: Anal Toys)GIGI™ 2 (Page: Vibrators)Ritual Sol (Page: Vibrators)Naughty Secrets (Page: Vibrators)Pearl3 (Page: Vibrators)TIANI™ 3 (Page: Vibrators)Merci Nippers (Page: Nipple Clamps)Lovense Gemini (Page: Nipple Clamps)Merci Chained Up (Page: Nipple Clamps)Fifty Shades of Grey The Pinch (Page: Nipple Clamps)Butterfly Endurance Clamps (Page: Nipple Clamps)Lust Remote Control Dual Rider (Page: Grinding Mat Toy)Vibepad 3 Grinding + G-Spot (Page: Grinding Mat Toy)Lust Dual Rider Bump & Grind (Page: Grinding Mat Toy)Vibepad 2 With Tongue (Page: Grinding Mat Toy)Vibepad (Page: Grinding Mat Toy)Cowgirl Ride-On Vibrator (Page: Grinding Mat Toy)Squarepegtoys® Leo (Page: Types Of Dildos)The Depth Trainer (Page: Types Of Dildos)Supreme Harness with Plug (Page: Types Of Dildos)The Equiknot (Page: Types Of Dildos)Double Pleasures (Page: Types Of Dildos)Acmejoy Horse Dildo (Page: Horse Cock)The Equiknot (Page: Horse Cock)TIANI™ 3 (Page: Sex Toys for Couples)Wide Cuffs (Page: Sex Toys for Couples)Onyx+ & Fuse Couple Set (Page: Sex Toys for Couples)Scandal Bed Restraints (Page: Sex Toys for Couples)Liberator Wedge (Page: Sex Toys for Couples)Maze Wide Choker And Leash (Page: BDSM)Thigh Harness with Wrist Cuffs (Page: BDSM)Merci - The VIP Room (Page: BDSM)Maze Tassel Flogger (Page: BDSM)Advanced Silicone Penis Rings (Page: BDSM)Orgasm Glow (Page: Sex Accessories)G Squeeze™ Bundle (Page: Sex Accessories)Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle (Page: Sex Accessories)TitanMen (Page: Sex Accessories)Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit (Page: Sex Accessories)

    Our Toys By Page

    Male Sex Toys

    Main Male Page-

    • Keon & Feel Stroker
    • Tor 2 Vibrating Ring
    • Kiiroo Onyx Plus
    • Rock Solid
    • Big Boy Extender

    Blowjob Machines-

    • Keon & Feel Stroker
    • PowerBlow
    • Autoblow AI Ultra
    • F1S V2
    • Maia Piper
    • VacuGlide

    Male Masturbators-

    • Yoni Stroker
    • M-Elite Platinum Gript
    • Vibrastroker
    • Mood™ Exciter Stroker
    • Feel Stroker Butt
    • Dainty Wilder Feelme
    • Ashley Barbie Feelme
    • Apolonia Lapiedra Feelme
    • Molly Stewart Feelme
    • Rachel Starr Feelme
    • Victoria June Feelme
    • Leigh Raven Feelme
    • Lauren Phillips Feelme
    • Kayley Gunner Feelme
    • Tanya Tate Feelme

    Cock Rings-

    • Tor 2 Vibrating Ring
    • Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator
    • NOS Vibrating Penis Ring
    • We-Vibe Bond
    • Silicone Remote Orgasm Ring

    Penis Pumps-

    • Rock Solid
    • Premium Penis Pump Kit
    • SmartPump
    • Bathmate Hydro 7
    • Max Results

    Penis Sleeves-

    • Big Boy Extender
    • OptiMALE™ – Extender
    • Fat Boy Checker Box Sheath
    • OptiMALE™ Textured Extension
    • Pleasure Enhancer

    Masturbator Cups-

    • Double Vibrating Egg
    • Penis Enhancing Cup
    • Anson Hard Cup
    • Highly Elastic (Thick Labia)

    Anal Toys-

    • A-Play-Vibe
    • Lumen
    • KINK – Anal Essentials
    • Soraya Beads
    • Pure Plug

    Female Sex Toys

    Main Female Page-

    • Magic Wand
    • Keon Sex Machine
    • Pearl3
    • Sona 2 Cruise
    • Lumen

    Clit Sucking Toys-

    • Sucking Clitoral Stimulator
    • Enigma Wave
    • INYA The Rose
    • Sucky Ducky
    • Sona 2 Cruise

    Wand Vibrators-

    • iVibe
    • Magic Wand Micro
    • Magic Wand Rechargeable
    • Smart Wand 2
    • Small Wonder Mini Wand

    Anal Toys-

    • A-Play-Vibe
    • Lumen
    • KINK – Anal Essentials
    • Soraya Beads
    • Pure Plug


    • GIGI™ 2
    • Ritual Sol
    • Naughty Secrets
    • Pearl3
    • TIANI™ 3

    Nipple Clamps-

    • Merci Nippers
    • Lovense Gemini
    • Merci Chained Up
    • Fifty Shades of Grey The Pinch
    • Butterfly Endurance Clamps

    Grinding Mats-

    • Lust Remote Control Dual Rider
    • Vibepad 3 Grinding + G-Spot
    • Lust Dual Rider Bump & Grind
    • Vibepad 2 With Tongue
    • Vibepad
    • Cowgirl Ride-On Vibrator

    Types Of Dildos-

    • Squarepegtoys® Leo
    • The Depth Trainer
    • Supreme Harness with Plug
    • The Equiknot
    • Double Pleasures

    Horse Cock Dildos-

    • Acmejoy Horse Dildo
    • The Equiknot

    Couples Sex Toys

    Main Couples Page-

    • TIANI™ 3
    • Wide Cuffs
    • Onyx+ & Fuse Couple Set
    • Scandal Bed Restraints
    • Liberator Wedge


    • Maze Wide Choker And Leash
    • Thigh Harness with Wrist Cuffs
    • Merci – The VIP Room
    • Maze Tassel Flogger
    • Advanced Silicone Penis Rings


    Main Accessories Page-

    • Orgasm Glow
    • G Squeeze™ Bundle
    • Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle
    • TitanMen
    • Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit

    Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to contribute to our community. Your participation not only enriches our content but also supports a more transparent and honest shopping environment. Let’s make shopping for pleasure products a more visually informative experience together!

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