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TIANI™ 3: Pure Partner Pleasure

Wide Cuffs: Most Unique Pleasure For Both

Onyx+ & Fuse Couple Set: Our Overall Favorite Couple’s Toy

Scandal Bed Restraints: A Must-Have For All Couples

Liberator Wedge: Best Beginner Couples Toy


Yes, Rechargeable

3.1 x 1.8 x 1.3 in

The remote control is ideal for long-distance play

Comes With Eight Vibration Settings

Embark on a journey of heightened pleasure with the TIANI™ 3, a remote-controlled couples’ sex toy that opens the door to the intensity you desire in your intimate moments. This innovative double vibrator is designed to simultaneously provide G-spot stimulation and clitoral massage, seamlessly following the anatomies of both you and your partner.

With eight distinct vibration settings, the TIANI™ 3 ensures a versatile and customized experience tailored to your preferences. Crafted from premium body-safe silicone, this double vibrator is thoughtfully designed to accommodate all body shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit for everyone involved. Immerse yourself in the world of shared sensations and intimate connection with the TIANI™ 3, where pleasure meets innovation for an unforgettable experience.

Simultaneous G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulation: The TIANI™ 3 offers a unique design that allows for simultaneous G-spot stimulation and clitoral massage, catering to both partners’ anatomies and enhancing the overall pleasure during intimate moments.

SenseMotion™ Technology: This double vibrator features innovative SenseMotion™ technology, allowing users to effortlessly increase the intensity with a simple flick of the wrist using the remote controller. This hands-free control adds an extra layer of convenience and excitement to the experience.

Eight Vibration Settings: With a range of eight distinct vibration settings, the TIANI™ 3 provides a versatile and customizable experience, ensuring that users can find the perfect rhythm and intensity to suit their preferences.

Premium Body-Safe Silicone: Crafted from premium body-safe silicone, the TIANI™ 3 prioritizes safety and comfort. This material not only feels luxurious against the skin but also ensures that the vibrator is suitable for all body shapes and sizes, providing a perfect fit for every user.

Thoughtful and Inclusive Design: The TIANI™ 3 is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various body shapes and sizes, promoting inclusivity and ensuring a comfortable fit for all users. This attention to detail enhances the overall experience, allowing individuals and couples to explore shared sensations and intimate connections with confidence.

Wide Cuffs


Perfect for your soft bondage play and looking to get into BDSM play

The chain is removable. PETA approved vegan

Introducing the revolutionary Manta from Fun Factory, an innovative penis toy that redefines pleasure with its velvety, vibrating silicone wings. Designed for solo play, oral sex, or even during penetration, Manta provides targeted stimulation and intense pleasure like never before. The contoured wings, encircling the penis, feature ridges along the inside to hold lubricant for added sensation. The center channel amplifies deep, rumbling vibrations, allowing for pinpoint intensity exploration.

Crafted for comfort, the ergonomic loop and user-friendly buttons at the base make Manta easy to handle, even in the heat of the moment or when hands are slick with lubricant—an excellent feature for those with mobility issues. With six intensity levels and six patterns, Manta offers a customizable experience. USB rechargeable, a 6-8 hour initial charge provides 40-120 minutes of play, and the convenient travel lock feature makes it perfect for on-the-go pleasure. Elevate your intimate experiences with Fun Factory’s Manta, thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Germany.

Velvety Vibrating Silicone Wings: The Manta boasts velvety, vibrating silicone wings that encircle the penis, providing a unique and luxurious feel. This design allows for targeted stimulation, enhancing pleasure during solo play, oral sex, or penetration.

Ridges for Lubricant Retention: Designed with ridges along the inside of the wings, the Manta holds lubricant in place, adding to the sensory experience and ensuring a smooth and pleasurable glide during use.

Center Channel for Amplified Vibrations: The product features a center channel where deep, rumbling vibrations are amplified. Users can focus on this area for pinpoint intensity, allowing for a customizable and heightened experience.

Ergonomic Loop and User-Friendly Buttons: Crafted for comfort and ease of use, the Manta includes an ergonomic loop that makes handling convenient, even in the heat of the moment or when hands are slick with lubricant. User-friendly buttons at the base enhance control during play.

Versatile Intensity and Pattern Options: With six intensity levels and six patterns, the Manta offers a wide range of customization, catering to individual preferences and ensuring a diverse and satisfying pleasure experience.

Onyx+ & Fuse Couple Set

Yes, Rechargeable

7.1” length, 1.3” diameter

The interaction between the devices makes it ideal for long-distance play

2 Optional sleeve sizes for additional tightness

The Onyx+ and Fuse Couple Set offers a unique and exhilarating experience for couples seeking to explore their pleasure together. This set consists of two innovative devices: the Onyx+ male masturbator and the Fuse clit massager.

The touch-sensitive controls, long-distance interaction, partner-controlled pleasure, and synchronization with online content make it a unique and exciting option for couples looking to enhance their intimate experiences. What sets this brand/product apart from others is its advanced touch-sensitive features and the ability of the devices to interact with each other.

The devices’ portability and ability to respond to online content add to the appeal, making this couple set a great choice for those seeking to explore new levels of pleasure together.

Bi-Directional Control Technology: One unique feature of the OhMiBod Fuse and KIIROO Onyx+ Couple Set is the built-in sensor technology that enables bi-directional control of connected devices. This allows partners to share and synchronize their sensations, creating a more immersive and connected experience.

Long-Distance Pleasure Sharing: The product offers the ability for couples to share pleasure from any distance. Whether separated by miles or just exploring each other’s desires in the same room, the OhMiBod Fuse and KIIROO Onyx+ provide a unique way to stay connected intimately.

Customizable Stimulation with KIIROO Onyx+: The KIIROO Onyx+ boasts a male masturbator with a powerful rotating motor capable of up to 140 strokes per minute. This feature allows for a highly customizable and intense stimulation experience, catering to individual preferences and maximizing pleasure.

Visual Feedback through LED Lights: The OhMiBod Fuse comes equipped with built-in LED lights that illuminate in different colors corresponding to the intensity of vibrations. This visual feedback adds a new dimension to the sensory experience, creating a visually stimulating and exciting atmosphere for partners.

Touch-Sensitive Technology for Control: The OhMiBod Fuse features touch-sensitive technology, enabling users to control their partner’s KIIROO Onyx+ with a simple touch or tap of the finger. This interactive element enhances the level of intimacy and control between partners, allowing for a more personalized and shared pleasure experience.

Scandal Bed Restraints


Adjustable, Fits All Beds

The tethers provide a range of positions for exploration

Cuffs are adjustable to fit all sizes

Experience the intoxicating allure of surrender with the Scandal Bed Restraints. Immerse yourself in total immobility, amplifying sensations as you relinquish control to your partner. The adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs ensure comfort, featuring a plushy interior and a visually stunning red brocade exterior. The tethers, versatile in application, offer a variety of restrained positions, enhancing trust and emotional connection. Complete with an extension tether for use on any bed size, this set invites you to explore desires in tantalizing and unforgettable ways.

Adjustable Plushy Cuffs: The Scandal Bed Restraints feature wrist and ankle cuffs that are not only adjustable for a customized fit but also boast a plushy interior. This ensures comfort during use, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the experience without discomfort.

Breathable Brocade Fabric: The exterior of the cuffs is covered in a gorgeous red brocade fabric, adding an element of anticipation and visual appeal to the restraint set. This luxurious material enhances the aesthetic experience and makes the user look forward to the tactile sensation of being bound.

Versatile Tether Positions: The tethers provide a range of positions for exploration. Whether wrapped under the mattress or around a bedpost, users can experiment with different arrangements, adding variety and excitement to their intimate moments.

Extension Tether for Any Bed Size: The inclusion of an extension tether ensures the set is adaptable to any bed size. This feature enhances convenience, allowing users to enjoy the Scandal Bed Restraints on various beds without limitations.

Trust-Building and Emotional Connection: Designed with the intention of deepening emotional connections and building trust, this restraint set offers a unique way for partners to explore each other’s desires. The immobility created by the restraints intensifies sensations, fostering a sense of vulnerability and connection between partners.

Liberator Wedge


14″ x 24″ x 7″

Specially Crafted for G-spot Stimulation

Perfect For Oral Sex, Missionary, Cowgirl, and Behind

Discover the Liberator Wedge, a revolutionary sex pillow designed to elevate and enhance your intimate moments. Praised as the best in its category, this versatile accessory features a meticulously crafted high-density foam core, offering optimal support and the perfect angle for effortless exploration. Ideal for G-spot stimulation, the Wedge takes up minimal space while maximizing pleasure in various positions, making it an essential addition to your intimate repertoire.

Whether elevating your lover’s lower back during extended oral sessions, providing enhanced support for the receiver’s back in the missionary position, or facilitating added leverage and support for the rider in cowgirl, the Liberator Wedge delivers unparalleled comfort and connection. The patented microfiber cover ensures a luxurious touch and prevents slippage during intimate moments, seamlessly complementing other Liberator products. Elevate your pleasure with the compact, comfortable, and meticulously crafted Liberator Wedge.

Optimal Support and Angle: The Liberator Wedge is designed with a high-density foam core that provides optimal support for users, ensuring comfort and maintaining the perfect angle for effortless maneuvering during intimate moments.

Versatile Positions: This sex pillow enhances pleasure in various positions, including oral sex, missionary, cowgirl, and positions from behind. It accommodates diverse preferences, making it a versatile accessory for couples seeking a range of intimate experiences.

G-Spot Stimulation: Crafted for G-spot stimulation, the Wedge’s design targets this sensitive area, enhancing pleasure and making it an ideal accessory for couples exploring deeper sensations.

Patented Inter-Locking Microfiber Cover: The Liberator Wedge features a patented microfiber cover that not only adds a touch of luxury but also ensures a slip-free surface during intimate moments. This cover is designed to pair seamlessly with other Liberator products, providing a cohesive and comfortable experience.

Compact and Machine-Washable: With dimensions of 14″ x 24″ x 7″, the Liberator Wedge is compact yet impactful. The machine-washable microfiber cover and moisture-resistant polyester liner make maintenance easy, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free experience.

Couple sex toys offer numerous benefits that can enhance the pleasure, stimulation, and connection between partners. These innovative devices introduce new levels of excitement and sensations, unlocking a whole new world of sexual exploration. 

By targeting erogenous zones and providing simultaneous stimulation, they heighten pleasure for both partners, leading to more satisfying and intense orgasms. Furthermore, couple sex toys encourage communication and openness between partners, as they create opportunities for discussing desires, boundaries, and fantasies. 

This communication not only strengthens the emotional bond but also allows couples to discover new aspects of their sexuality together. With the ability to provide shared experiences and collaborative adventures, couple sex toys foster a deeper connection and intimacy, creating a dynamic and fulfilling sexual journey for couples.